Micro & Macro Approaches to Project Management

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What is Quality Project management?

Quality project management always evolves around two teams that are distinctly functional in two different ways to even out a holistic issue. The macro team and Micro teams are the two functional units in a successful project management effort.

Micro & Macro Teams

The macro approach focuses on managing a project. Key players here are the donor, the international project implementing team, the regional implementing team, project advisory group, university departments, educational management companies, consultants, NGOs, etc. The micro team is comprised of full or part time consultants from the pool of local and international resources who are responsible for reporting to the macro team.

The micro approach is encouraged by the “1-to-1” philosophy. In particular, no one is responsible for leading the macro team. Therefore, when an assessment or evaluation is planned, for assessing the quality, the criteria developed should be applicable for the micro and the micro team of implementers with relevant variations.

CRM and PM approaches

In customer relationship management (CRM) more emphasis and resources are allocated on micro aspects while not taking onto account the more profitable macro aspect. However, managing micro-sections requires exhaustive and an all-embracing understanding capitalizing on the profitability of macro section of customers.

It has been found that CRM-based approaches lead to over-targeting. This crop up when customers are subdivided into smaller groups so that quantifying and escalating customer value become impractical. This leads to handling of excessive data with little or no significance.
PM’s approach in Project Management towards a consultant firm

Project Managers are skilled personnel in project management and business analysis/business process design. A Project Manager is capable of delivering a project entirely, independently. This involves continuing project management, technical responsibilities like conversion/migration of significant data, and installation and configuration of relevant and functional systems for quality operations. He/She is responsible for supervision of a team of consultants and is the main point of contact for the clients.

As a part of his implementing team, he/she is also responsible for upgrading the quality of services and operation methodology, and helping the organization emerge as consultant firms. His expertise includes:

Develop/mentor and supervise/monitor projects and planning implementation for client requirements.

Start the ball rolling by organizing meetings and participating in those.

Translate requirements into a technical design.

Conceptualizing and designing technical solutions of highly creative quality to meet the client requirements.

Supervising and validating the consultants output/input.

Designing customized integration to meet project requirement and supervise implementation.

Producing status reports for the project and controlling the project budget.

Deliver change orders and inspiring team members to work in harmony.

Contribute to the development and augmentation of the operation methodology.

Working as a system manager, configuring web products or helping in data conversion for smaller projects