Getting Your Ex Back – How to Open Up Communication Channels With Your Ex

47 views 12:27 pm 0 Comments January 7, 2024

Your situation is understandably painful. You could take the separation in your stride but you simply cannot accept the fact that your ex has stopped communicating with you. Not even a thank you or a return call to your endless voice messages?

Do not worry; your ex is seemingly exasperated with your repeated attempts to say hello, or whatever. The first step for you to take under such circumstances is to remain silent yourself. In short, stop communicating.

The first question that crops up in your mind is ‘if I stop communicating, how would I ever be able to open up communication channels again?’ My answer is: adopt the ‘wait and watch’ policy. When you are silent, you are providing an opportunity for both of you to re-assess your relationship. Otherwise, how do you expect your ex to even think of or miss you if you are constantly breathing down his neck?

Time is a great healer and it can thaw a lot of hot tempers and bad moods. When you remain quiet, you are allowing that time and space to your ex, to revisit the times both of you spent together. In the meantime, use this time to do something positive to yourself. Read books, catch up with family and friends, take a short vacation alone or with close friends or do whatever that keeps you happy and occupied. The more you keep yourself busy, the less you would feel like picking up that phone and taking to your ex.

There is immense therapeutic value when you do things on your own or with people who you have liked in the past. Try and laugh a lot and if possible seek company of children as their innocence rubs off on you too and your mind freshens up a lot in the company of innocent people.

When you remain incommunicado for a reasonable amount of time, chances are that the communication channels between you and our ex would open up again and this time naturally and voluntarily. If there was true and sincere love and respect between the two of you, your ex would surely call you or ask you to meet him or her – if not for anything else, just to check whether you are still single!