Free Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Review Plus Bonuses

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Previous Version: Pay-per-click Formula 1.0

Price: $1297 (one-time payment only)

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5.0/5.0 Stars

General Feedback. Outstanding. PPC Formula breeds very successful students.

Brief Review

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is a course created by Gauher Chaudhry using PPC and CPA offers. PPCF 2.0 consists of 18 comprehensive modules and case studies for students to learn from. PPCF 2.0 involves driving traffic to Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) offers.

The 18 modules cover, from scratch, from identifying a campaign to scaling it up. Gauher releases all his resources and tools he uses to anyone who buys PPCF 2.0. Set with case studies and examples, it is one of the best learning portals for Internet Marketing students. This course effectively produces high success rates.

Many of those who purchase his product become 6 six figure income earners within a year or two. If you are desperate for great success, PPCF 2.0 may lead you the way.

Gauher’s 18 module courses are very comprehensive and requires quite a bit of time to digest.


It is a complete comprehensive guide to PPC-CPA Marketing. The rewards are so good, it changes lives.


  1. Case studies and action plan for each module
  2. No monthly fees


  • May not be suited for total beginners to Internet Marketing
  • Some videos do not show explicit details. Difficult for beginners to understand.
  • Very expensive and not affordable especially that you need even more money to start PPC campaigns

Personal Conclusion

PPCF 2.0 is indeed a success guide to CPA Marketing. The come back is evident to tell you this. Although Gauher has added 6 more modules in his 2nd edition of PPCF 2.0, there is a lot to learn. His video guides, tutorial and action plans are really great to help new members.

I must forewarn that PPCF 2.0 may or may not make you profitable at first. If you have a few thousands to spare on AdWords and you have prior experience in Internet Marketing, PPCF 2.0 may serve you well.

My only concern when people buy Gauher’s product, people get very excited and think that it is a lucrative business and can make money easily. Although Gauher’s product is not as over-hyped as most Internet Marketing product, i do feel that many of the truths i.e. the failures of the members are not reflected well.

The reason i say that PPCF 2.0 breeds lots of success is due to two of my local friends who made their 5 figure income per month within two years of their endeavor. I must also clarify that these two friends of mine are really hard working. And they will work so hard that they sleep at 3am and wakes up at 6am.

So be prepared to face great success. Happy hard working and continue to have an undeterred will!