What is VCM or Value Chain Management?

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Supply Chain Management Solution, Demand Chain Management Solution, Customer Relationship Management Solution also known as a Value Chain Management Solution. This entire business processing known as ERP or Enterprice Resource Planning. Every company wanted to Implement ERP nowadays.

What is Value Chain Management?

Value Chain Management is a distribution Channel between

  1. Manufacturers and its internal departments. Which is known as Supply Chain.
  2. Manufacturers and its dealers, distributors and retailers network. Which is known as Demand Chain.
  3. Manufacturer and its materials logistics network.
  4. Manufacturer and its raw material provider suppliers network.
  5. Manufacturing company and its sales force (SFA or Sales Force Automation) and customer support network. Which is known as a CRM

Why Value Chain Management?

Companies manufacturing goods and wanted to supply to the end users. Value chain managing integrated information about product flow from suppliers to end users to reduce defects and inventories, speed time to market and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Value Chain Management

  • Companies can access their various reports from web based software applications.
  • This web based applications also can be access by mobile and pda devices from anywhere in the world.

How Business Automation software can help Small Business Companies?

Small business companies can use various business automation software to access their data from various locations. Companies can use various softwares for different different perpose and use Data Synchronization solution to access data from their own web server’s database and use in local offline software.