MLM Recruiting Tips: Are Purchased Leads Worth Buying?

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There are a lot of lead sources out there that can be purchased and a lot of network marketers use them to start their business. It becomes a debatable issue as to whether to use them. Are they really effective for building your business? What’s a realistic expectation for deals closed using this method? How many hours of calling will you have to do each week to see any kind of results from these lists? Is your time better spent with other marketing methods? These are just a few of the questions raised with purchased leads. In this MLM recruiting tips we’ll be exploring whether purchased leads are worth buying.

All Leads Stink

This is one of the MLM recruiting tips that a mentor of mine had taught me, who has been in sales and marketing for over twenty years, when I was just beginning. And honestly I can’t argue with it because it has indeed been my experience. And when you’re purchasing leads you don’t know how many times the lead broker has sold that same list, so there is competition. But the follow-up to that statement was that it’s the marketer that makes the lead. So if you give the same leads to different marketers you’ll get different results because of their different skill levels.

That being said, are they worth purchasing?

Yes they are, but with some parameters. Here’s an MLM recruiting tip, if you’re purchasing leads that are $2-$3 a lead then you are wasting your money. Lead sources will promise you that their leads are the best because of reasons x, y and z but the reality is that they’re no better than others. You should be purchasing leads for $.10 or $.20 maybe a bit higher depending on how specialized the leads are.

Another MLM recruiting tip for why purchasing leads can be beneficial is that it gives you a lot of practice with hundreds of thousands of people. It gives you a chance to practice your script and it gives you the ability to practice closing once you’ve gotten a prospect through a process that shows they’re interested. It gives you a chance to see if you’re script is effective or if you need to tweak some things to get results. Using purchased leads allows you to do all this cheaper than any other marketing method.

After you’ve tested your scripts and are seeing results and closing one to two people a week, you can start incorporating other marketing methods because you know you’ve now got the skill set and the effective script to do it. You’ve gained the self-confidence to know you can make a success in network marketing.

No one can say that calling purchased leads is glamorous or fun but it does serve a purpose. I don’t think anyone would argue that generating your own leads are the best leads to call, but it takes time to develop those leads and you need to begin right away developing your skill set in marketing and sales.