Leadership Qualities – Leaders Have a Track Record of Accomplishment

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Everyone has accomplished things throughout their life. We’ve attended school, worked jobs, started families and contributed to our community. We’ve made promises and delivered on them; we’ve started projects and finished them. Our life is really a series of accomplishments. Not everything we set out to do turned out the way we expected. That’s normal and to be expected.

As long as we put forth a good, well-intentioned effort to do our very best, we can rest assured that whatever we accomplish is worthwhile. It all counts – the good stuff and all the rest.

In my opinion, a “track record of accomplishment” includes a subtle nuance of having a more focused overall mission for the actions we take. Let’s consider a corporate leader. He or she has objectives they want to accomplish within the organization. Operating under the over-arching umbrella of the corporate vision, mission, and values, the leader executes various strategies to meet those objectives. The successes along the way, and the forward movement they make towards meeting those goals, become their track record of achievement or accomplishment. Over their career it extends even further until they develop a veritable lifetime of achievements.

As a leader, you are a work in progress. Whether you’re the leader of a corporation, your family, or even of your own life, you’re creating your track record of accomplishment. You’re making a difference, influencing others and contributing your God-given talents, abilities, and skills.

Think about your track record of accomplishment. How have your past successes influenced who you are and the leader you’ve become? What accomplishments most influenced who you are today? What are 5 things you intend to accomplish in the next year? Include both personal and professional goals.

“Leadership is not a right–it is a responsibility.” — John Maxwell