How to Tackle Click Fraud

21 views 1:14 pm 0 Comments November 19, 2023

One of the major concerns bothering internet marketers is ‘click fraud’ in pay per click advertising, which can bring in huge losses when undetected. While there are many tracking tools that can track and control click frauds, not all are good enough to uncover the advanced techniques used by fraudsters. To minimize this kind of highly manipulative fraud, here are a few points you should remember.

The first and the most important thing is to hire professional SEO services to monitor your internet marketing campaign thoroughly, focusing on the website traffic and conversion ratios. Any sudden increase in your website traffic with little or no increase in the conversion rate is something that you should lookout for, as it is a major indicator of a click fraud.

Secondly, use an internet marketing analysis tool that can detect and alert you about a possible click-fraud. As these tools use a specific set of variables to detect and report suspicious clicks and traffic patterns, highlighting a fraud becomes easier. Thirdly, make sure to report any kind of fraud to the search engines, so that the origin of the fraud can be investigated and identified by their professional fraud prevention team.

Another way to reduce click fraud is to keep a track of all the places where your PPC ads have been placed, and to identify sites that generate good quality traffic from those that are risky and fraudulent. Besides that, you can prevent competitors and low-quality content sites from displaying your ads, by blocking them through the PPC administration settings of the search engine.