Computer Startup Slow? 4 Methods to Fix a Computer Startup Slow Problem Within a Few Seconds

85 views 2:27 pm 0 Comments November 25, 2023

Your computer spends a long time on completing the Startup procedure? Don’t worry! The following provides you 4 methods to shorten computer procedure at Startup.

(1) Stop those unnecessary programs and optional Windows components at Startup:

Your computer will take you much longer time to complete Startup procedure with more and more programs being installed. Many programs will add themselves into Startup, which means that your computer has to run them immediately when you boot the computer. That way, your speed of booting your computer will definitely slow down. In such a case, you can follow these steps to remove the unnecessary programs at Startup: Start -> Run -> type MSConfig in the dialog box and then press Enter key -> select Startup option -> Disable those unnecessary startup programs and optional Windows components -> Restart your computer.

(2) Disable unnecessary services:

There are many programs and services being imported to system memory to control functions of the system. But some of those services are useless to us while they occupy much of memory and system resources. If we disable them, we can save 70MB memory at most and then your system’s speed will increase accordingly. You can realize the point by the following steps: Start -> Run -> type services.msc -> disable those unnecessary services.

(3) Modify registry entries to reduce the time spent on waiting for progress bar:

We’ll see a progress bar at Startup and we can quicken it by modifying registry entries. You can follow these steps: Start -> Run -> type regedit -> change the key value of EnablePrefetcher which under the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters” to “1”.

(4) shorten the time spent on waiting for scanning disk:

When windows log has record of shutdown computer abnormally, the system will scan the disk automatically. By default, the computer will wait 10 seconds before scanning each sub region. Then it will cost you much time and we can cancel the time for waiting to scan. To fulfill the process, you can follow these steps: Start -> Run -> type chkntfs /t:0 and then press Enter key.