A Professional MLM Lead Broker Can Help Your Business

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Have you ever considered using services of an MLM lead broker? If you are like network marketers trying to build a MLM business the biggest challenge is in recruiting new distributors.

What generally happens is this:

You start with people you know which is known as your warm market leads. These are all the people you know including friends, family, and people that you have occasional interaction with. Once you quickly go through them, and perhaps make them feel uncomfortable to the point that they avoid you, you need to move on to the next group.

These are the cold market leads. You employ the help of a service who will sell you leads consisting of people looking for some type of an opportunity. The problem with these is that you have no idea how old these leads are, where they’re from or if they have any interest at all in what you’re selling.

These can end up being a huge waste of money and time. So you move on to your next list.

The next list is one of positioned leads. You have to take the time to develop this list yourself. That’s not a bad thing and you should be doing this. You generate these leads yourself through your website and other mediums such as article writing and social forums.

You can generate some great targeted leads this way but it will take time. You need leads now. This is when a good lead broker can be beneficial. A company that specializes as an MLM lead broker will give you the best of all the above lists. You increase your chances of getting the highest service and quality standards with a professional experienced lead broker.

This means that the leads you buy will be similar to the positioned leads you generate yourself but it won’t take weeks or months to get them. What a quality service will do is determine the optimum category of lead you’re seeking and search through the thousands of potential leads to find the right one for you.

Depending on your needs they may consider three types of marketing list categories. These are Response data, compiled data and sales leads. They understand what works best for you since these companies have people who only work with this type of data.

Response data leads consist of people who have taken a specific type of action to get on a list. Compiled data leads are demographic based and are gathered from public records like postal record or phone books, credit bureaus and government records to name a few. Sales leads are gathered specifically from people who have shown an interest in finding out more about a particular opportunity).